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Easy Solutions to your Design Conundrums

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

When we talk about interior improvements, we always hear “Well you can come over to my house!” It’s kind of a joke, kind of a serious comment that most homeowners throw our way. Maybe it’s because they’re not confident in their furnishing and décor selections or maybe it’s because they feel lost in styling a space. Either way, we wanted to create an easy solution for people looking to improve their living areas.

With either the Design Phone Consultation or the Online Design Package, you’re in the driver's seat and we’re just more of a backseat driver!

The Design Phone Consultation is perfect for someone just needing a little extra help in making selections for their furnishings or even for the ground zero point of a project in creating a plan you can execute on your own. DIY doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming, but it can be helpful to have someone to bounce your ideas off of or to dream with. You might realize that there are simple solutions to your design problems!

An Online Design Package is another perfect option for the DIY pro! (Yes, we think there are a lot of DIY pros out there!) With this option, we’ll review your project goals, wish list and budget and provide you with your own set of design plans for implementation. We find that so many people know what they want, they just need a little help in getting there. Or on the other hand they may not know what they want and need some visuals to help them envision the space of their dreams.

Good, functional design doesn’t have to be pricey. Trust me, we’re shopping at Home Goods too! It’s all about having a plan to implement, and that’s where Studio Tatum can help!

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