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Home Staging Services

Making Spaces More Sellable

Cozy Living Room
Magazines on Couch
Image by Alex Otto

New Construction

As a home builder, you've got the vision for the potential of the house.  You can see the living room filled with family watching football, the kitchen used to bake Grandma's famous cookies and the dining room set for a holiday gathering. 

You can, but not everyone can.  Studio Tatum's staging services can help share that vision with your potential home buyers.  

Pre-Existing Homes

You’ve loved your home and cherished every memory there, but will potential buyers appreciate all of the sentiments you like your home styled with?  Wanting to move to your new home while this current property is on the market?

Studio Tatum can stage your home to sell, making it appealing to potential home buyers and Realtors alike.  

Style My Stuff

You have great furnishings and décor.  You’ve spent the duration of your time in this home carefully curating each element.  It works great for you, but will potential buyers think it’s over cluttered or have a hard time envisioning themselves living here? Simply put, let Studio Tatum style your stuff, making it market-ready.

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